The Power of Character

The Power of Character


Lessons from the Frontline


Andrew is Principal Designate of King’s Leadership Academy Padgate, Associate Principal of King’s Leadership Warrington, and Director of Character and Leadership for the Great Schools Trust, a family of schools which puts character at the very heart of their students’ development.

He is a former military officer and holds a PhD in the psychology of human motivation.


What Others Are Saying

“It will inform, entertain, stimulate, inspire, and occasionally exasperate, in equal measure.”

Dr Barry J Hymer

Emeritus Professor of Psychology in Education

“Reay’s investigation into the power of character, and his attempt to implement best character practise at King’s Leadership Academy, will open your eyes to the wealth of research, dialogue and debate being undertaken by some of the world’s most learned researchers into this very field.”

John Catt Educational

“Passionately argued, superbly researched, and filled with real stories, The Power of Character will permanently change how we see what Martin Luther King once described as the true goal of education – and how you see this within yourself – the content of our very own character and the mandate for an Education 2.0.”

Sir Iain Hall

“A fascinating book: thought provoking and stimulating.”

David Laws

former Education Minister


It is my belief that all of our lives are driven by an innate power that most of us can’t name and don’t understand. It defines who we are, why we do what we do and how successful we may become.

It may even decide who becomes our life long partner, what our own children make of their lives and even feature in the stories that get told about us at our funerals. This is about the power of something in all us – our character. 


The Power of Character unlocks the secrets behind good character and, for the first time, introduces a successful tried and tested model for how to put theory into practice.

Reay exposes what the science has proven to work and how this can translate into every aspect of our lives, from ourselves, our families, schools and businesses through his Six Elements to flourishing.


Presenting a whole new understanding of character and its potential for human flourishing, the 6 Elements enables every reader to develop their understanding and immediately apply what they have learned.

Each step filled with practical advice on how to apply these scientific findings to our daily lives to instil character qualities vital for future success and help you to flourish at just about anything.

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The Power of Character

The Power of Character: Lessons from the Frontline